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Who are the Writers?

Carly and Kyle Mazer have been working together since their 2003 living room production of Fiddler on The Roof. 20 years later, Carly has graduated from Northwestern with a degree in Musical Theater, and Kyle from Yale with a degree in English. Now, after quarantining together during the pandemic, they’ve combined forces to meld both of their creative voices into one!

Quick Summary

The SS Cancelled is a twisted comedic musical about a ship that carries people, who have been postmortem cancelled, from Heaven to Hell. Boarding this ship is a post-life sentence that, while crushing for any individual, should work to better society, as anyone’s postmortem cancellation implies they should not have received praise in the first place when they were alive. Such a fate confronts Neil Middlebury, an 18-year-old on the brink of graduating high school. After spending his whole life trying to make sure everyone likes him, Neil is shocked when, after a sudden disaster the night of senior prom, he finds himself the newest member of The S.S. Cancelled crew. Surrounded by a lively cast of some of history’s worst, Neil seeks to right his wrongs, get back to Earth, and fix the problems he created before he was aptly banished away. 

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